OH Referrals during Covid-19

Posted in : Supplementary Articles NI on 23 September 2020 Issues covered: OH referrals during Covid-19.

As most organisations are no longer doing face-to-face medicals or face-to-face referrals, how can we get information?



Actually, I'm incredibly busy doing remote consultations by video and telephone, and they are hugely successful. In the four weeks since lockdown began, my colleagues and I have done over 600 consultations by video and telephone. And we haven't had a single complaint from an employee about the experience, nor have we had a single complaint from an employer about the quality of the information. So for those of you who out there who feel we can't get an occupational health referral because face to face is finished, that's a myth. You can still ask for people to be assessed, and many of these employees are desperately grateful for the contact and support we're giving them.

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