Confidentiality and Consent of OH Reports

Posted in : Supplementary Articles NI on 23 September 2020 Issues covered: Confidentiality and consent of OH reports.

What happens if only one member of an organisation receives the report, yet others need to see it?


I think it's very important that we operate on the principle of informed consent. So if the employee knows who you're going to send the report and what you're going to do with it and are agreeable to it, then you can send the report to one or more representatives of the company. We often send reports to group human resource inboxes, which can be accessed by a number of HR professionals because the employee is quite happy to have that done.

So I think take one myth I'd just like to dispel is it doesn't have to go to a single person in an organisation if the employee is amenable to it, then go to a number of people. Obviously once the employer has received the report, they are deemed to be aware of it. So how they actually then disseminate the information is a matter for the employer but just wanted to answer that question. 

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