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Padraig Berry
TTI Success Insights Ireland
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Many of us have been working from home for a number of weeks. We’ve been faced with data protection issues, distraction issues, connection issues, what to wear issues – lots of issues. And lots of video calls. So many video calls. But one thing we probably haven’t considered in depth is how we, as managers, communicate with others – do we have the right communication style required for homeworking? Should we change anything? Are we really effective? Can we – should we – get more effort out of ourselves and others who are also homeworking? Are we happy with our colleagues’ communication styles? What could we do to reduce any communication friction?

As part of their effort to support everyone right now our friends at TTI Success Insights Ireland Limited have developed a FREE "Working From Home Report" with an Action Worksheet, based on their standard DISC behavioural assessment. Here is the link to the “Working From Home” landing page https://ttisuccessinsights.ie/work-from-home-free-report/.  When you complete the assessments (10 minutes) the report will go directly to you, with the Action Worksheet attached. At the end of the assessment you will be redirected to the DISC website, where there is additional information on the behavioural model that will be helpful. TTI Director Padraig Berry explains what your report means and how best to use the accompanying action sheet.

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Padraig Berry
TTI Success Insights Ireland

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