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Lynsey Rainey
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It just keeps getting busier and busier in the world of HR! This month sees us getting closer to the Annual Review of Employment Law 2019 – I’m excited and looking forward to it. Have you booked yet?

Last month in HR in 90, we talked about the importance of employee engagement and the importance of the policies and procedures in an organisation. This thinking led me to read an article on considering ‘How can we identify that our staff are disengaged?’ Claire Loftus from Evolve reminds us of the low levels of engagement in the UK and gives us 5 early identifiers of a disengaged employee

  1. They are delivering their job requirements and no more (if that)
  2. Uninterested
  3. Missing
  4. Unhelpful. 
  5. Poor Quality, Errors or Accidents. 

 In some cases, when the root of the disengagement stems deeper than a short-term personal challenge or legitimate workplace problem, it might make sense to manage the disengaged employees with formal policies and procedures. Disengaged employees can pose major problems in your workplace. They not only perform poorly themselves, but also create friction for your high performers. It can be worth taking action to determine if your disengaged employees are worth saving. Whether or not your disengaged employees can be rescued, it's imperative to the entire organization that you try.

With this in mind, it made me consider refreshing my memory with Leeanne Armstrong’s TLT Guide to the essential elements of the employee handbook.  Each month Leeanne looks at both important practical points for HR practitioners as well as highlighting the key legal principles and common pitfalls/issues that might arise.   More importantly Leeanne brings this concept to this years’ ‘Annual Review of Employment Law’ with a session titled ’The TLT NI Guide to an Employee Handbook and Mercer’s Guide to Employee Well-being’.  Listen to what Leeanne says in a short video about her session this year here

PLUS – Simon Magee, Associate, Mercer March Benefits, joins her to look at the future of reward and recognition benefits focusing on how employers can provide a more flexible, robust and attractive retention package for all staff in their organisations.  Places are filling up fast, you can view the full programme and book your place here, but be quick – this will be one not to miss!

Other items of interest:

With mediation becoming less of a buzz word and more of a reality, Legal Island have produced a range of videos and articles are available on the Legal Island Hub that provide guidance on what mediation is; when to use it and who should mediate.  Sometimes it can be a bit confusing, this is a great place to start

The next webinar is…

Employment Law at 11

Friday 1st November 2019 (11:00am - 11:45am)

Join Scott Alexander and Seamus McGranaghan as they discuss questions on:

  • Retention bonus for female employees
  • Covert Recordings
  • Pregnancy Dismissals
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Consultative Ballots by Trade Unions

Tell your HR colleagues and register individually or get your HR team around the computer whilst and use the webinars as monthly group learning opportunities.  Ask any questions (on employment law) and hear the answers live or catch up later when we upload both a recording and transcript of the discussion.

Polls are the latest feature added to Employment Law at 11 webinars with participants able to engage with the conversation and see the results instantly.

Remember – ask questions during the live broadcast via the chat box, or email your question in advance to  Anonymity assured.

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