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In this month’s ‘HR in 90 seconds…’ we bring some NEW features including a new writer, Claire Loftus from Evolve and a new podcast feature brought to us by Clarendon Executive. We also take a look at a short video demonstrating what the future of recruitment adverts looks like from a leading NI company!  

This month we welcome a new writer to the Legal Island Hub, Claire Loftus from Evolve with an article introducing herself to us all and telling us about her journey from a full-time employee within the financial services sector to self-employed status and the whirlwind that is entrepreneurship. Claire is going to take forward a series of blogs and podcasts focusing on employee engagement and with this in mind she looks at the 5 main benefits of engagement that organisations are missing out on:

  1. Retaining Talent
  2. Getting better productivity from your staff
  3. Healthier People
  4. Better Customer service
  5. Improvements on your bottom line

Engagement creates a competitive edge and it has been said that a highly engaged workforce can be the difference between a company which outperforms its competitors and one which fails to grow. 

Emma Kieran form Clarendon Executive recently wrote an article on harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment. Emma identified that the use of AI is becoming a routine tool and that the recruitment industry is certainly not immune to this change. Emma discusses the use of videos in the recruitment process replacing CV’s and capturing video applications. There was a great example of the use if videos, without removing the human element, on LinkedIn recently from local Northern Ireland company Mount Charles in their recruitment for a Finance Assistant, watch this video as a great example of recruitment advertising [2:33].  

We also hear from Clarendon Executive this month through a new series of podcasts this new series of the HR bite-size podcast is brought to you by Legal Island in association with Clarendon Executive. In this new podcast series, we welcome Hugh McPoland and Mairéad Regan, Associate Consultants at Clarendon Executive, they both have considerable knowledge and experience in both private and public sector in a wide variety of organisational development areas. In this first instalment, Hugh and Mairéad discuss the steps that an HR professional can take when looking to move to the next level from HR Manager to HR Director. During this podcast, Hugh and Mairéad discuss what you can do to improve your opportunities to take the next step but we then have to consider developing ourselves and our own competencies -  a recent article on LinkedIn identified that the following 5 key capabilities of a leader:

  1. Drive results
  2. Instill trust
  3. Ensure accountability
  4. Build effective teams
  5. Communicate effectively

If you have some more time, other items of interest include:

First Tuesday Q&A’ – this feature provides the answers to subscribers questions and this month Johanna Cunningham from Arthur Cox considers popular questions including:

  1. If probationary periods apply to staff members redeployed to a different role within a business;
  2. What constitutes ‘one establishment’ for collective consultation purposes; and
  3. What can you do if an employee fails to attend a disciplinary hearing?  

In this month’s HR Updates we hear from Anne Dougan of Think People Consulting continuing the latest trend of talking about Menopause in the workplace, Anne discusses various ways employers can aid women experiencing menopause including understanding the symptoms and what to consider are reasonable adjustments in this area.

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