Whistleblowing – An Overview

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Employment Judge Órla Murray delivered what we think is an excellent paper on whistleblowing laws in NI to the Belfast Employment Lawyers’ Group earlier this month. Judge Murray has given us permission to circulate her paper.

What we learn from this paper:

  • It is a very readable overview of the main principles of the law on public interest disclosures, with a focus on the changes brought into NI law in 2017 and the 3 seminal GB cases of Chesterton, Osipov and Jhuti.
  • The paper discusses what is and is not a disclosure; the 6 categories of relevant failure; reasonable belief; public interest; disclosure to the right person; detriment claims; liability of co-workers and vicarious liability; dismissal for making a protected disclosure; and remedies.
  • The paper includes appendices listing the principal authorities and relevant NI tribunal decisions.

Although we strongly recommend the paper, readers should note that it does not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as such. Readers should seek specific legal advice as appropriate.

NOTE: Judge Murray was appointed full-time in 2009 and was fee-paid for several years before that date.


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