NI Employment Law - 12 things we've learned this quarter (Q1 2019)

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Every three months we’ll update you with some of the key developments in employment law and practice in Northern Ireland. You’ll find many more learning points on our Northern Ireland Employment Law Hub but, if you don’t have time to research every item, here are 12 useful pearls of wisdom this quarter (here's Q2 2019 and Q3 2019):

  1. The annual increase in limits legislation has been published
  2. The Court of Appeal sees no obvious reason why an employer must halt their own internal disciplinary procedures when a concurrent police investigation is ongoing
  3. The CIPD has produced some really useful guidance to help employers and employees talk about and deal with Menopause in the workplace
  4. Employment tribunals may lawfully award compensation for personal injury under the Working Time Regulations.
  5. Government departments that fail to adequately respond to Freedom of Information requests could be named and shamed.
  6. One in three breastfeeding mothers have been forced to use a toilet when they express milk after returning to work.
  7. Working with Pride has teamed up with Love Equality to help with the campaign for Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland and leading businesses and employers (including Legal Island) across NI have added their voices to the calls for equal marriage here. Why not join us?
  8. If you'd like to get ahead of things by analysing your gender pay gap, the government has published two really useful documents to help GB organisations - eight ways to understand your organisation’s gender pay gap and four steps to developing a gender pay gap action plan.
  9. A code of practice on preventing illegal working has been published which specifies the factors to be considered by the Home Office in determining the amount of civil penalty to be imposed for employing an illegal worker;  
  10. Mark McAllister from the Labour Relations Agency and Scott Alexander from Legal Island discussed the top 10 employment cases of 2018 in our recent webinar recording; 
  11. Our new feature by Leeanne Armstrong of TLT Solicitors outlines the golden rules of the employee handbook; and
  12. New regulations came into force on 1st January 2019 to improve transparency on executive pay. If you have 250+ employees you will have to justify the pay for senior employees and account for how those salaries relate to wider employee pay by January 2020.


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