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In Brief: Important Updates from January 2018

Posted in : Supplementary Articles NI on 31 January 2018

Employment Law is a complex area that is continually changing. It can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest developments. But don’t fret, the Northern Ireland Employment Law Hub is the best way to stay informed. The Hub offers in-depth articles written by expert employment lawyers and leading HR professionals, case law analysis and materials tailored specifically to how the law applies in Northern Ireland. It is fully searchable, available 24/7 and has a useful browse by topic function.

In case you missed it… here’s a quick recap of some of the topics that featured in January 2018, including, the top 10 employment cases of 2017; how to handle bullying and harassment complaints; the possible implications of Brexit and how to utilise notice clauses effectively.

Review of Important Employment Case Law Decisions from 2017

Mark McAllister, Employment Relations Manager at the Labour Relations Agency and Scott Alexander, Head of Learning & Development at Legal-Island review their 10 most important employment law cases from 2017 and discuss the ramifications for Northern Ireland employers.
Read More: https://www.legal-island.com/articles/uk/features/supplementary/2018/jan/review-of-important-employment-case-law-decisions-from-2017/

Bullying and Harassment – How Do I Handle It?

Rachel provides advice on how to deal with bullying and harassment complaints, advising employers to review company policies and procedures to ensure that they are fully up to date. She stresses the importance of refresher training for employees on equal opportunities/harassment and warns employers can be held vicariously liable for the actions of their employees.
Read More: https://www.legal-island.com/articles/uk/features/how-do-i-handle-it/2018/jan/bullying-and-harassment-how-do-i-handle-it/

Implications of Brexit for Immigration

A year and a half after the UK voted to leave the EU there is still great uncertainty, particularly on immigration matters. This article by Nathan Campbell, Solicitor in Cleaver Fulton Rankin, seeks to outline what the current situation is and what the future may hold.
Read More: https://www.legal-island.com/articles/uk/features/quarterly-reviews/2018/jan/implications-of-brexit-for-immigration/

Contracts of Employment: Notice Clauses

In this month’s ‘Essential Guide to Employment Contracts’ article, Kiera Lee, Director at Mills Selig, explains why it is preferable to have a detailed notice clause in the contract of employment; the length of notice required and whether notice must always be given.
Read More: https://www.legal-island.com/articles/uk/features/essential-guide-to-employment-contracts/2018/jan/contracts-of-employment-notice-clauses/

Employment Law at 11: Disciplinary Issues; Medical and Caring Issues; GDPR; Annual Leave; & More

'Employment Law at 11' is a new series of webinars from Legal-Island in conjunction with O'Reilly Stewart Solicitors. Scott asks Seamus McGranaghan, Director at O'Reilly Stewart, a number of employment law questions.
Read More: https://www.legal-island.com/articles/uk/resources/webinar-recordings/2018/jan/disciplinary-issues-medical-and-caring-issues-gdpr-annual-leave/


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