Weekly Review of Developments Issued: 12/02/2010

Posted in : Weekly Review of Developments on 12 February 2010 Issues covered:

We suppose the jail sentence makes Met Police bully, Ali Dizaei, an institutionalised racist. A little bit of hubris to sweeten the porridge, eh? Here is the news...


1. Equality Bill Update
2. Money for Old Rope
3. Occupational Health News
4. Paddy Englishman, Paddy Scotsman, Paddy Irishman
5. What a Twit
6. It's the Wide-Awake Club
7. Case Law

NOTE: Case law section essentials this week - EAT rules that job applicants who have no interest in taking a job were it to be offered have no claim for discrimination if the job application is unsuccessful; initial failure to use statutory procedures can be remedied by subsequent use to avoid an automatically unfair dismissal; and the Court of

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