How Can We Help Staff Adhere To Data Protection Principles When Working From Home?

Posted in : First Tuesday Q&A NI on 7 April 2020
Arthur Cox
Arthur Cox
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The European Data Protection Board and ICO have acknowledged that we are in an unprecedented and difficult situation meaning that normal working practices had to be modified very quickly. Despite this, organisations should ensure that security measures are in place for home-working, similar to those that would ordinarily be in place.

For example, employers may wish to ensure that staff:

  • are familiar with data protection policies and procedures;
  • have up-to-date anti-virus software;
  • understand that they need to lock their devices when they are away from their work station;
  • have access to IT support (where possible);
  • know the process for reporting any data protection concerns (e.g.  accidental disclosure); and
  • have received clear guidance on working from home practices.

Ultimately, data protection laws will still apply even though working practices have changed. While the ICO appears to be sympathetic to the situation and the other challenges that organisations are facing, it is still important for organisations to be able to demonstrate that they have taken steps to ensure continued compliance with their data protection obligations.

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Arthur Cox

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