Why People Accept Job Offers

Posted in : HR Updates on 31 March 2022
Olga Pollock
firmus energy
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There are many reasons why people accept a job offer and this can vary depending on circumstances. Sometimes they’re leaving a bad employer in search of something better. Other times it is for career progression, or a side-ways move to gain more experience in a different sector. Graduates will generally look for the big-named employers, attracted by their strong brands, pay and benefits packages and career development opportunities. For me, culture is everything. Any sniff of a toxic working environment and I’ll run for the hills. The people-focused nature of HR means that without that being a focus of the leadership team and buy-in from the top, any efforts to put people at the centre of decision-making will be in vain.

The challenge for employers is to attract the right talent and retain it. A strong brand and good workplace reputation will go a long way along with a compelling Employee Value Proposition, showcasing all the reasons that make your organisation a great place to work. Given we’re in the midst of the so-call ‘Great Resignation’, retention strategies are all the more important and attention should be given to ensure that you remain competitive across your pay and benefits with salaries being benchmarked against market rates. People also want to be appreciated for the work they do so recognition is important. Flexibility is another essential benefit. A recent People Management article outlined how hybrid working is no longer seen as a benefit by candidates but rather a given, providing opportunity for both home and office working. Those employers that do not offer this will find themselves struggling to fill vacancies as candidates very much ‘call the shots’ in the current climate and will simply move on to the next opportunity.

The pressures to retain staff and shortages of suitable candidates in the recruitment market is making it increasingly important for employers to create vibrant workplaces where people jump at the chance to accept your job offer. It’s not easy to be that Employer of Choice but asking your staff what would make the organisation a great place to work is a good start.

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Olga Pollock
firmus energy

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