Talent Acquisition: Enter the Cognitive Recruiter

Posted in : HR Updates on 25 May 2017
Carol Tully
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With widespread employee and skills shortages, employees demanding new career models and the introduction of innovative technologies disrupting the workforce, talent acquisition has fast become a C-suite issue. This is reflected in this year’s Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey with more than 8 out of 10 executives ranking talent acquisition as an important or very important issue.

It is increasingly becoming evident that changes in the global talent market will require companies to adapt their talent acquisition practices, and the accelerating pace of technology is offering exciting new solutions to many talent issues. With the world of recruitment fast becoming a digital experience, there is an onus placed on employers to consider their digital brand.  As candidates now expect convenience and a positive recruitment experience, technologies such as interview gaming and job simulation are fast becoming used as methods to test skills. Other employers are reviewing avenues such as cognitive technologies with chatbots, predictive analytics and applicant tracking systems coming to the forefront of the talent acquisition process.

In order to meet the demands of this transforming global talent market, organisations must leverage new technologies exploring cognitive tools, video, and gaming. Employers must also learn to watch their digital brand space while monitoring and aligning messages across sites, as well as considering how technology can best be used to create the optimal recruitment experience. 

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