The Employee Experience: Culture, Engagement, and Beyond

Posted in : HR Updates on 28 June 2017
Carol Tully
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In the current market, a productive, positive working experience has emerged as the new contract of employment, leading companies to reconsider their entire employee experience and not just their company culture and engagement levels. This issue has reached a C-Suite level with 80% of executive respondents to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report ranking the employee experience as an important or very important issue.

Despite recognition of this concern, companies are still finding it hard to increase engagement, which as indicated by Glassdoor data has plateaued year on year across thousands of companies. This year’s Human Capital Trends report further shows that the ability of organisations to address this issue has dropped 14% since last year. Particularly, companies seem to be struggling with helping employees find a work/life balance, aligning employee’s personal goals with corporate purpose, providing programmes for a multi-generational workforce, and using design thinking as part of the employee experience.

So how can management combat this stagnated employee engagement? The first step is for companies to understand the perspective of their employees. From their first day, employees regard everything that happens in an organisation as a single experience. Acknowledging this, companies must begin to see issues such as culture, engagement, rewards and learning and development as the all-inclusive package necessary to foster a positive working environment. Within organisations the employee experience should be prioritised and a senior leader or team must own it. By focusing on the employee experience, business leaders can improve employee engagement, empower teams, and develop workforce solutions that will be useful and compelling to employees. 

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