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Posted in : HR Updates on 27 April 2017
Carol Tully
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With employees now enjoying the prospect of a 60-year working life, companies are beginning to rethink the way careers are managed as well as how best to deliver on learning and development. Leading organisations are looking to redesign their career models. 83% of respondents of Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report have stated their organisations are shifting towards a flexible, open career model offering enriching assignments and experiences rather than static career progression.

With the expansion of disruptive technologies, employee skills are becoming obsolete at an accelerated pace resulting in a demand for constant employee learning. In response, organisations should focus on building interdisciplinary skills development capabilities, aligning to the shift towards the network of team’s model and deliver learning solutions that inspire people to reinvent themselves.  It is becoming more evident that employers are facing a choice between embracing new learning models or risk falling behind in hiring, employee engagement, productivity and product innovation. 

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