Why E-HR Projects Fail to Deliver Business Benefits

Posted in : HR Updates on 25 June 2014
Stewart Miller
NGA Human Resources
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Organisations can sometimes feel that they have not achieved the planned benefits from their investment in technology. While it is easy to point the finger at technology, more often than not, it is not software which is the problem but the way in which it has been implemented.

One KPMG study into project failure concluded that only 7% of project failure was due to hardware and software issues, but that 17% was due to failure to define project objectives, 20% was attributable to poor communications, 32% due to poor project management and 17% due to managing the transition issues.

Unfortunately, people issues are often seen as 'soft' by bullish, testosterone driven project managers who treat the introduction of technology like a military operation and focus on getting networks in place, loading software and parallel running. One project manager I once encountered held a simple view of change management - "get them in a room and bang their heads together". It might get short term results but has little to do with ensuring an effective transition!

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Stewart Miller
NGA Human Resources

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