Transforming HR - Getting the Timing Right

Posted in : HR Updates on 29 January 2014
Stewart Miller
NGA Human Resources
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Stewart Miller writes:

The need to improve HR service delivery is a high priority for many organisations. Poor HR service delivery generates a lot of pain; apart from the high costs of inefficient HR processes, poor service quality gives the organization a bad reputation both externally with potential recruits and internally with the existing workforce. The bad news is that providing good HR services will not command great respect, but getting it wrong will damn the HR Manager and the rest of the team. Exclusion from strategic processes is the most likely outcome for an underperforming HR function.

For many organisations, improving both the cost, quality and flexibility of services demands that a transformation in the HR function takes place.

The paper covers:

  • Transformation can take many forms – Process, structural and technology
  • Implement then transform
  • Transform first, then implement
  • Simultaneous transformation and technology implementation

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Stewart Miller
NGA Human Resources

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