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Posted in : HR Updates on 21 February 2013
Stewart Miller
NGA Human Resources
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This article explains that there are seven foundations providing a framework for defining good HR.

These are:

  1. Robust Service Delivery that is flexible and efficient so HR functions can move to the creation of value.
  2. High performance HR practices and having the capability to identify, adapt and execute these practices.
  3. Effective Talent Management can act as a powerful differentiator.
  4. Performance Management: Organisations that make managers accountable for employee performance and have the processes and tools to support this appear to have better business performance.
  5. Business Engagement: HR functions which support management in developing high levels of employee engagement are associated with business success.
  6. Business Intelligence: good date both feeds HR Strategy and serves as a way of measuring its success.
  7. Competitive Advantage: HR Functions see their role as enabling their business to compete better in the market, not just running operational processes.

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Stewart Miller
NGA Human Resources

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