Should Environmental Management Issues be a Concern for HR Managers?

Posted in : HR Updates on 2 April 2012
Linzi Conway
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Environmental Management Solutions can Reduce Costs. However, should environmental management issues be a concern for HR Managers? YES.

As environmental requirements continue to grow, companies will be under increasing pressure to comply. Better environmental management solutions makes good business sense. 

Gary McFarlane, Director of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) for Northern Ireland said, ‘Successfully implementing an environmental Management system (EMS) saves money, and increasingly stakeholders want to see evidence of environmental credentials - particularly in procurement and the supply chain.’ 

Some of the benefits of implementing an EMS are as follows:-

  1. Cost Savings - better resource/ energy utilisation and minimisation of waste
  2. Improved Customer Relationships – many organisations are already opting to build relationships with companies who have both ISO9001 and increasingly, ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard. It is widely acknowledged that proper quality management improves business. However ISO14001 demonstrates that your company is a good environmental citizen. 
  3. Company Brand – your business will benefit from a positive demonstration of environmental performance. Buyers, suppliers, investors and company stakeholders are increasingly moving towards a ‘greener’ agenda. Better environmental management will be more appealing to the wider marketplace.
  4. Lower Insurance Premiums - insurance companies may view ‘greener’ companies as lower risk
  5. Lower absenteeism - the result of a healthier, safer, more efficient working environment
  6. Improved Compliance - better relationships with enforcing agencies

So how do you get started on your ‘green’ journey? 

Take the time to train yourself and your employees on environmental issues and consult with environmental experts to get the most cost effective solution for you business. You may wish to complete accredited training. For example, CIEH Level 2 Certificate in Environmental Principles and Best Practice, or the CIEH Environmental Management Certificate. Also, check out how to progress towards ISO14001 Environmental Standard. 

At great website for Environmental information is Envirowise. The Envirowise Savings Calculator: 

takes businesses through three simple steps to help minimise costs and maximise profits. By inputting a few basic details into the calculator you can reveal the savings you could make on costs such as paper, waste disposal, water, heating and transport.

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Linzi Conway
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