Interpersonal disputes and employees keeping records/dairy entries

Posted in : Seamus Says - Employment Law Discussion on 7 September 2018
Seamus McGranaghan
O'Reilly Stewart Solicitors
Issues covered:

Q. We have got two employees who don’t get on and one employee has been keeping a diary for nine months. What can we do about this?

Scott: "We've got two employees, both quite senior, a male and a female. The male is the more senior manager, and they don't get on. The style is quite abrupt, and the female employee raised a complaint previously about this manager, and it was upheld. And he was disciplined. He's tried to work on interpersonal skills."

This was a classic case of where somebody is promoted because they're good at their job, but they really aren't skilled managers, but their new job is to manage and they are not so good. They've had respectful workforce training, they've done

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Seamus McGranaghan
O'Reilly Stewart Solicitors

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