Brierley & Ors v ASDA Stores Ltd [2019]

Posted In: Case Law
  • Case Reference
    EWCA Civ 8
  • Legal Body
    England and Wales Court of Appeal (EWCA)
  • Type of Claim / Jurisdiction
    Discrimination, Contracts of Employment, Pay
Issues covered: Equal Pay; Joinder of Claims; Comparator

The claimants sought to appeal a decision by the Employment Appeal Tribunal concerning their claims for equal pay.

The claims were brought by (for the most part) female employees carrying out different jobs in supermarkets who say they are being paid less than men carrying out work of equal value in other roles in warehouses or distribution centres operated by the same supermarket chain.

The case involved 22 multiple claims presented in respect of 5497 claimants. The number of differing job roles performed by the various claimants within a single form ET1 varied from 8 to 175.

Rule 9 of the Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure 2013 provides that two or more claimants "may make their

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